The jewelry and its symbol for lifetime commitment

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One woman in Kansas City makes the case for being the world’s biggest Chiefs fan by swapping a pair of diamond wedding rings for some tickets to upcoming games. On Thursday, a week after a woman posted an ad on Craigslist offering a trade of two diamond wedding rings appraised at $3,100 in exchange for tickets to the upcoming screen printing T-shirts, a deal was made. “The official trade was the ring for 4 tickets to the 12/1 Broncos game and 2 tickets to the 11/24 Chargers game,” the woman, who has remained anonymous, explained to the Kansas City Star. Throughout the season, the Broncos have reliably helped their opponents sell out games whenever Peyton Manning and his record-setting offense come to town.
Apparently, the jewelry symbolizing one’s lifetime commitment to marriage couldn’t compare to the opportunity to see the Kansas City Chiefs—who are undefeated thus far this season, and who set the record for loudest home crowd at Arrowhead Stadium early this year—take on Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos at home in early December. The rival Chiefs and Broncos face off in their screen printing T-shirts of 2013 this weekend in Denver. According to Vivid Seats, demand for tickets is exceptionally high, with the average price of a seat costing $617 on the secondary market.
At the beginning of the season, Vivid Seats noted a “Peyton Effect,” in which home ticket prices soar when teams host the Broncos.
The “Peyton Effect” even significantly boosted the restaurant and hotel business in screen printing T-shirts when Manning returned to play against his former team earlier this season, an Indianapolis news station reported. While trading wedding rings for Broncos-Chiefs tickets may seem extreme—and would seem to indicate the involved parties didn’t feel all that strongly about the sanctity of marriage—the Craigslist exchange is actually pretty romantic all around. The woman getting rid of the rings said they actually came from a previous marriage, and that they hold no importance to her any longer. 

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