Most Popular of Men 's Underwear Play Emphasis of Comfortable

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Most Popular of Men 's Underwear Play Emphasis of Comfortable
Ever mention of men 's underwear, traditional panties surfaced in the minds of most people, basically no color at all, but economical and practical, often referred to as health underwear for male body, because the style is more relaxed to avoid bondage and tighten feeling. Today, these products still have the majority of the market among middle-aged and old men . However, more and more successful men in pursuit of external grade dress, more pursuit of internal details meanwhile. Aiming at young male consumer groups, especially men who has exercise habits, sporty underwear pants is the best choice. It is different from the past cotton underwear, sports underwear pants edges can be close to the skin, and according to the curved body to design, to avoid the embarrassment caused by the movement.

With the men' s underwear consumer groups enhancing the professionalism and quality requirements of underwear products, men' s underwear market is in serious need of segmentation. At present, men' s underwear products can roughly be divided into three categories, one is conservative style, mostly are made of ordinary fabrics, conventional color and the common fabric labels as embellishment; other is fashion style, using modern and comfortable fabrics, fashion classic color, personal comfort cut as the main character; the last one is sexy style, roughly with a fun style and alternative color as the main feature.

According to statistics, in the underwear consumers, the proportion of urban women accounted for 60%。Compared with increasing development and expansion of women' s underwear market, the men 's underwear market is currently in its infancy, relatively with larger market space, Moreover, men' s underwear are regardless of off-season and busy-season. The figures show that the products of male underwear is only 1/6 of the women’ s.

However, in view of the actual capacity of the market, the China’s male consumers is a large number, the consumer capacity is stronger, there is a greater demand for underwear products, men' s underwear in the Chinese market will certainly have much room for development. It has also become a initial holding profit-making attitude into the men' s underwear industry which attracted many companies and brands, they often do not pay attention to product’s design and development, do not pay attention to the needs of consumers.

As consumers of men' s underwear, there is a certain difference with female consumers of of underwear products, different in style, color pick and other items, men are more concerned about underwear’s comfort degree, so when collocate with fabric labels elements should also pay attention to the comfort of the material.
As in the past, the 2013 spring and summer series of men' s underwear brand, although with a different theme to cater the different personalities, but all are simple and engaging style. No grandstanding, never follow the crowd, men 's underwear design is always bluntly told people that the purpose of the design can not be separated from "comfortable" word.

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