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Fashion Capital
Enjoying the perfect combination of online and in-store shopping experience as the unique sales platform, the LUXUP is still the world's leading luxury brands together provides all the members with the "brand Pass” which can access to exclusive limited rolled products and VIP shopping experience, and all of these experiences also associated with latest - luxury goods industry's first global incentive scheme that built by LUXU.

The luxury shoppers can win the credits of the LUXUP, used to redeem products or value-added services, including in Hong Kong DUNHILL, London Balenciaga, New York MARNI flagship store, enjoy the brand quality including surrounding small details, such as: the image above bag with metal labels, these are the free services of world-class individual designer’s.

LUXUP is still own the brand team including AKRIS, Alfred - DUNHILL, BELSTAFF, Balenciaga, LANVIN, Liberty, Loewe, Mani, Nicholas-Kirkwood (Nicholas Kirkwood) - Paul Smith, Roland - Murray and Valentino, these brand lineup often also attached great importance to the surrounding elements collocation and design, leather products like metal labels, which is equipped with color and shape are included in the term "brand", of course, in the future, more brands will become a member of her. Membership can be purchased online or redeem the Brand Pass in  shops, enjoy a high level of member service.

Chinese, Portuguese and English website as well as online and in-store service. In addition, the LUXUP also provide members with the editorial content of the magazine level, one of the outstanding global fashion photographer Phil Poynter (Creative Director) and "Vogue" UK before, fashion features editor Harriet Quick (Editorial Director) will take responsible for it.

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