Tough and Soft

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Tough and Soft
The wide profile motorcycle jacket allows you more attractive in the early spring, especially the soft light gray color fabric labels elements can achieve a soft effect. With lemon bubble skirt, amd hand made chain embroidery small handbag play a sense of feminine. This season’s hot folding diamond parcel handbag both retro and elegant, under the contrast of profile jacket is even more compact. Packet has such an extraordinary effect, this season definitely worth having.

The geometric patterns is not good to wear, very easy to wear as mother-class antique installed. While Star Diane Kruger’s black and white fine checkered geometric dresses against the backdrop of the beret and Peter Pan round neck detail, showing young retro flavor. Street beat up people Miroslava Duma put on the first Louis Vuitton 2013 spring and summer yellow chess on the body, loaded "Total Look geometry personality quietly into reality dress.

Fluffy fur always makes every woman has shown signs of the first moment, filled with an atmosphere of warmth and a sense of longing. Tough uniform jacket and leather boots plush velvet single product of slightly dramatic, suddenly broke the dress sense of stiff, become cute and playful. In the early spring, a pair of fur boots or a plush fabric labels can achieve the effect of the warm body, at the same time showing childish wearer back to the beauty of young girls.

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