The Structure the Woven Label -A Kind of Garment Accessories

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The Structure the Woven Label -A Kind of Garment Accessories
Woven labels as a kind of garment accessories products, also known trademarks, woven marks. It is divided into selvage edge and cutting edge two kinds. Selvage woven labels: weaving all the labels according to the width of the need at one time.

This process avoids many of the shortcomings of the cutting edge, but the yield is lower. It has plane and satin two kinds, it’s soft and pretty. More suitable for higher grade clothing items, such as fashion, suits, etc. It is most particular used bythe Japanese manufacturers who like made good quality clothes. The selvage woven labels generally make satin kinds, but the satin background color is difficult to express, common using hot color / dyeing process to solve this problem. Selvage machines generally have wood shuttle loom and crochet machine two kinds.

Wooden spindle machine features: the woven labels come out from the machine is a complete one, the side is edging, the weft from start to finish line is the same color, even together, soft. Cons: low productivity, only low five colors that can be used.

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