Five Factors Will Affect the Quality of Seal Tags

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Five Factors Will Affect the Quality of Seal Tags
Seal tags, also known as hanging tablets. Mainly for the brand and more high-end men's and women's clothing, reflect the personality and taste, more prominent brand effect. And have security features. Now let’s take a look at what factors will affect the quality of seal tags?
1. Reasonable process design; (whether existing gap between the artwork and  technology).
2. The qualit of raw materials; (new material, or back material).
3. Color fastness and color aberration; (whether special color? Such as rope: dark blue, dark green, dark red, deep coffee color’ color fastness is poor; the molding material pale yellow; under temperature drift, the color aberration will be more obvious ).  
4. Shrinkage size. (ABS material shrinkage ratio is less than other materials; soft material shrinkage ratio is greater than that of the hard material).
5. The difficulty and how much process of post-process. (A set of color’ defective products is less than multi-chromatic color silk screen; the debossed process bronzing’ defective products are more than Braille process; silk screen process fade products is less than the stamping process; the ultrasonic bonding is less than the artificial adhesive---products is concerned).

If metal seal tags involves plating, painting, polishing, mold, screen printing problems. The overall effect will also be affected by these factors. 

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