The Requirements of Delivery the Plastic Seals

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The Requirements of Delivery the Plastic Seals
First, material, color requirements.Seal shells choose polycarbonate (transparent), inner parts made from the ABS, color is green.

Second, signs, packaging.1. Mark: the box should be marked with the manufacturer's name, product name, quantity; model specifications, followed by suppliers should be marked rationing outside the box, such as "dedicated". Specifically which region see the batch of purchase orders.2. Packing: 20 pieces plastic seals packaged in a small plastic bag, in the package label the scope of the paragraph number, and number, and indicate which areas. Indicated on the product box, and even the number, which regions. Isolation in the product box and packaging, after the arrival of the product, the structural performance can meet the product requirements.

Third, remarks1. This Agreement in duplicate. A and B sides hold one copy.2. The agreement is effective from the date of signing.3. Unsettled issues of the Agreement, both parties consult.
4. Facsimile is valid.

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