Legend Jewelry

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Shakespeare said: “ jewelry is silent, but more than any language that can impress a woman’sheart”. from the ancient to the present, they are the initial desire for a woman, it is the everlasting love in their whole life. Greek mythology as the greatest achievement of the Greek culture, in the history of the West, and even the entire human history has a supreme status. When bright jewelry was covered with a veil of mystery of ancient Greek mythology, this temptation, who can refuse it?

Legend say that Paris once a child is grazing, Eros Aphrodite gave him a pink crystal bracelet, jewelry cards has a love prophecy.
When growing up, after Paris completed the sacrifice to the Cupid in Xixi La island temple in Sparta, just to see Helen (the most beautiful woman in the world) to come in from the outside also to sacrifice. Paris see she came in, unspeakable envy and amazement. Just as Paris quietly contemplative, Helen also looked handsome prince who came from Asia. He spoke gentle and mild, the flames of passion burning in the eyes, pink crystal bracelet is shining with pink light, so that Helen was fascinated. Paris can’t help falling in love with Helen, and then forgotten father entrusted the mission of this trip, only love goddess charming promise. Finally, Paris took Helen back to the Trojans, and held a grand wedding, became husband and wife.

Odysseus set off Troy before, his beautiful wife Penelope give him a piece of garnet. More than ten years after the Trojan War, Odysseus gone and never come back. Penelope suddenly became a young widow, then she has been loyal to love, Garnet gave her self-confidence, garnet red let her think of Odysseus superhuman strength and courage, like a lover's blood, she did not become decadence because of the years of waiting, on the contrary, she is still graceful and moving. She believes that Odysseus will definitely be back. Sure enough, wait until the final Odysseus returned, also brought a lot of money wealth. The jewelry cards Fables: confident, adhere, loyal.

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