Technical Indicators of Plastic Seals

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Our company is a professional producer of garment accessories, such as woven labels, printed labesl, metal labels, plastic seals, hangtags, etc. We offer all kinds of garment accessories with good quality and reasonable price. After years of development, we have a wealth of experience and technology accumulated in producing plastic seals.
Here let me introduce the technical indicators of plastic seals.
1. Plastic seals in the seal should be flexible rotation.
2. In the handle moving, plastic seals should not be broken.
3. Plastic seals can not be reversed.
4. The exposed length of the casing seal line should be above130MM.
5. The seal’s minimum temperature is -40 °, maximum temperature is 100 °
6. Print coding provides: coding sequence must be consecutive.
7. The appearance of the plastic seals should be clear, with a clear mark, no scratches and blemishes

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