The Clothing Woven Labels Realize the Anti-Counterfeiting Role?

Release time:2013-04-08      Source:admin      Reads:
How to achieve the clothing range effect on woven labels? What are the technologies that are generally used in anti-counterfeiting woven labels? The anti-counterfeiting woven label are mainly used in the first-line brand, to prevent counterfeiting, anti-counterfeiting woven labels now are not very common in the domestic, because the cost is too high, and few manufacturers are able to produce more stringent requirements.
Technology 1, using anti-counterfeiting yarn, also known as luminous yarn, can not see the effect in normal light,when under fluorescent lamp, woven label color will  change.
Technology 2, security line, making a security line, similar to the metal strips, a very fine one, weaving on the back of woven labels, on security line can print some  texts, images and other special content, security threads can be produced according to customers’ requirements , and then used on the clothing marks.

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