The Process Difference Between Traditional Clothing Printed Labels and Personalized Labels

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Current, the general process of traditional clothing hangtags and printed labels are: First get orders from the customer or client, the orders will specify specifications and content of labels and hangtags in detailed forms, sometimes even providing designed  file format; clothing label and hangtags’ printing companies should be based on the specific requirements of the order, to carry on design imposition, traditional printing, die-cutting processes, and ultimately get the products. But traditional printing has a certain print runs, if the order amount is less than the MOQ, that will cause waste.
Clothing labels, unlike ordinary personalized labels that are each has changed, but part of the order needs to be printed with variable information on the corresponding tag and labels. Although different batches of the same specifications of the product may be using a different style, but have relatively fixity, so the use of desktop printing device in conjunction with traditional printing process to producing clothing hangtags and printed labels is the mainstream mode of production.

In addition, clothing labels and hangtags also concern about the ingredients list, water wash labels’ typesetting, need the logical settle of customer database, but also to consider the economic requirements of the different orders group version, which is not the characteristics of the other variable information label.
Currently, clothing printed labels and hangtags printing companies generally with the desktop publishing software, and then using the "copy and paste" manually way to produce tag and labels of different specifications, but this way is very easy to make mistakes, once forget to modify or correct labels, the information on tags will be wrong, it will cause economic losses to the clothing production enterprises, and a great deal of trouble to the principal and clothing label, tag printing companies.

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