Cotton Ribbon Yarn Is Made of Cotton

Release time:2013-04-08      Source:admin      Reads:
Cotton woven labels yarn is mainly based on cotton as raw material, excluding any other debris; many woven labels are knitted by cotton line, such as ribbon accessories of pregnant women and infant clothes, cotton belt, cotton shoelaces are made of cotton line woven labels.

Cotton woven labels’ yarn is made of cotton. Pregnant and the baby's skin is very tender, so most are using cotton material to make clothes for pregnant women and infants. Cotton’s moisture absorption, moisture retention, heat resistance, alkali resistance, health is very good, it’s environmentally friendly and green products. Cotton is very soft, skin contact without stimulation. Cotton with no smell, no pollution, no bleach, no additives, very warm, very healthy. The elderly, pregnant women and children use it will be good to health.

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