Various Woven Tapes Offered by Sinicline

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Wuhan Sinicline Industry Co., Ltd. is specialized of label manufacturer in Wuhan and China with a good reputation in the label industry. We produce various kinds of high quality label with competitive price and prompt delivery for all our customers in other countries including in Europe, USA, Canada, Japan, China, Australia, New Zealand and India. Our major products are woven label, woven tape, woven badge, zipper puller, printing label, hangtag and garment accessories as well as combinations of both.

The woven tapes offered by Sinicline have various weaving s designs and styles as well as colors. For example, we have stripe type, brush type, bi color, multi color & any DTM color. We can customize the size & design of our woven elastic as per our clients specifications & requirements.

We are a rapid growing garment accessories manufacturing company establish with the goal of producing quality product with a minimum price. In the year 2003 we started our trade by improting from abroad besides that we setup our manufacturing unit in Sreepur and since then we have been focused on manufacturing wide range garments oriented accessories.

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