Handmade Ribbon Tapes

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I’ve been wanting to make some ribbon tape ever since I saw a tutorial to make your own fabric tape. But I never seem to have kraft tape on hand and cannot find a source for it locally when I’m out and about and the inspiration to make that pretty fabric tape strikes. Then I came across a tutorial to make pretty ribbon tape and that DIY used ribbon tape.

But all that got me to thinking about using double-sided tape. Now double-sided tape is something we usually have around here. Except for yesterday, apparently. And yesterday was when I was thinking about making those darned pretty fabric and ribbon tapes again. And then sweet serendipity showed u to say hello – fashion ribbon tape!

"Problem solved" indeed! Why I had a roll of "fashion tape" is beyond me, because wardrobe malfunctions aren't something I typically encounter. But apparently I bought a roll of the stuff way back when and tucked it into a drawer. And yesterday - in the midst of this need to make textile-tape of some sort - I came across it. And you know what? It's just double-sided tape with a peel-away paper backing. Score!

You can use it just about any way you'd use ribbon tape or fabric tape to decorate anything and everything. Granted - once this roll of "fashion tape" is all gone, I doubt I'll be seeking it out specifically for this purpose. However, vellum tape looks like a great alternative and seems readily available. And one of these days i'll find some kraft tape, and then all bets are off.

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