Display Belt Hanger

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A display belt hanger for use with a conventional apparel belt having a prong type buckle comprising: an unitary piece of synthetic resinous resilient material including a main body having hook means for engaging element including a first elongated portion adjacent said main body having an opening therein extending through the plane thereof, a medially-positioned portion having a central opening including opposed horizontal slots and a vertical slot normal thereto, said slots opening into said central opening, portions of said medially-positioned portion between the sides thereof and the ends of the horizontal slots defining a fold line passing through said second-mentioned opening, and a foldable second elongated portion below said medially-positioned portion having a laterally extending projection thereon engageable with said opening in said first portion; said projection including a shank portion corresponding in diameter and length to the diameter and depth of said first mentioned opening, and having on a free end of said shank an enlargement of diameter greater than that of said first-mentioned opening.

An improved display belt hanger for supporting an apparel belt from the buckle end thereof in depending condition, capable of bearing price indicia thereon, which hanger cannot be removed from a supported belt without permanently destroying belt buckle engaging means, in such manner as to be readily detectable by sales personnel.

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