How to Put Metal Labels on Shirts

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You can put metal labels on shirts to set them apart from similar articles of clothing. Garment metal labels are generally made of washing machine safe zinc alloys. Most metal labels are made small and lightweight to avoid stressing the material or annoying the wearer. Some thin metal plates are sold with perforations at the sides to make them even easier to attach. Add metal labels to some of your favorite shirts to customize their look and make them all your own.

Step 1: Cover the teeth of the vice with a towel, and secure the metal label in the cushioned vice with half its length protruding.

Step 2: Drill one hole for every inch of width on the metal tag's side. Make each hole 1/8 inch in from the edge of the metal plate. Center the hole if you only make one, and make sure each corner has a hole if you make more than one.

Step 3: Turn the metal label around in the vice and make a second set of holes in the same positions as those at the other end. Remove small bits of metal and debris from the new holes with a wire brush.

Step 4: Hold the label in position on the shirt where you intend to put it on. Press pins into all but one of the holes in the label and hang the shirt on a hanger. Make adjustments to the metal label and pins until it appears straight on the shirt.

Step 5: Sew through each hole and around the side of the label at least three times. Start with the hole without a pin and remove the pin before sewing through each of the remaining holes. Choose thread that complements the colors in the shirt and metal label.

Step 6: Try the shirt in on with the new metal labels in front of a mirror to be certain that you are satisfied with the location and sewing job. Pull out and redo any of the sewing until you are happy with the appearance of the labeled shirt.

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