Tips for Jewelry Cards

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Even if you do not sell your jewelry, it is nice to have a professional presentation of jewelry cards when giving jewelry as gifts. However, if you do sell your jewelry then these items can be useful for other reasons as well. They can actually become marketing tools, and of course, they also help you display your jewelry too.

When I first started out selling my hand-crafted jewelry, I made my own jewelry cards for earrings and hang tags for bracelets and necklaces. Eventually, I had the jewelry cards printed. Both making or buying your own jewelry cards have some pros and cons, so here are some ideas to help you decide which you would like to do.

Simple note cards that you can buy at any office supply store or big box stores can be transformed into hang tags or earring cards. You can stick with standard white, or you can purchase them in an assortment of colors such as pink, blue, green, and yellow. One side does have lines on it, but the other side of the card is blank. One way to jazz up the blank side is to use rubber stamps and an ink pad and stamp on a design, or you could make labels, such as the name of your company, and stick them to the blank side of the card. Then take a straight pin, and puncture the front with two holes for the earrings to hang from. You can also use a paper punch to punch a hole in the corner, write a description about the piece of jewelry, and then use a little ribbon to tie it to the jewelry piece.

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