How to Make Folded Jewelry Cards

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Folded jewelry cards are easy to make and very versatile to display. They can hang on any standard earring spinner, or homemade jewelry display. They can also be free-standing, as an easy and cheap way to show your earrings without using any displays.

Use acid-free cardstock or heavy paper. The heavier the paper stock you use, the better your folded jewelry cards will stand up nicely without sagging, and the more attractively they'll hang on a display rack.

1. Measure and cut a piece of this cardstock twice as long as you need for hanging your jewelry. For example, if you want to have a 2" x 2" jewelry card, cut your cardstock 4" x 2".

2. Fold the jewelry cards in half, and punch holes in the bottom half at the appropriate level for hanging your jewelry.

3. Add whatever text and / or embellishment you wish to any of the surfaces of your jewelry cards, and mount your jewelry on them.

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