Introduction of Plastic Seals in Sinciline

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Sinicline is a renowned manufacturer and supplier of high quality and reliable plastic seals used in various industries like garments, fashion accessories, shoes, etc. Theses plastic seals ensure the credibility of your brand and do not mislead to your customer. We are a leading source for utility and industrial labels, signs and tags, specifically suited to meet your requirements ever since inception in 2003.

Our unique plastic seals come with a special locking device, which cannot be reopened and attached to another garment. In order to remove it, you either have to cut it off or break it, thus making it unusable.

Our expertise is related with plastic seals, metal seals and novelties items. There are available in rubber and PVC or as depends on customers’ requirements. We can produce any type of plastic accessories and products according to customers’ specification and serve them up to their satisfaction.

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