Materials of Hang Tags

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Raw materials used tell a lot about the product and its impact on the potential buyer. As for example: A company who supplies organic food or recycled, environmentally-safe products or services would send wrong signals to buyers if the hang tag or swing ticket was made of aluminum or plastic. Thereby, lies the careful selection of raw material for making hang tags and swing tickets. We use the best quality of raw materials money can buy. From us, you can choose either of these materials that best suit your hang tags and swing tickets. If the options confuse you, worry not, our team will help you in finding the fabric most appropriate for your merchandise. We believe every hang tag is as exclusive as the clients who manufacture them which why we do not maintain run-of-the-mill standard sizes. We guarantee a 100% original design.

All the hang tag materials are as follows: (1) Paper tags; (2) PVC; (3) PU; (4) Fabric tags; (5) Eva; (6) Nbr; (7) Polyresin; (8) Plastic; (9) Aluminum; (10) Alloy; (11) Felt; (12) Acrylic; (13) Bamboo tags; (14) Coconut tags; (15) Tpu.

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