Matrix 2D Barcode Labels

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A matrix code, also known as a 2D barcode label, is a two-dimensional way of representing information. A matrix code is made up of a pattern of cells that can be square, hexagonal, or circular in shape. The ability to produce and fabricate quality 2D barcode labels with mobile tagging capabilities is only one of the many advantages of working with Wuhan Sinicline Industry Co., Ltd.

2D barcode labels are able to be scaled to multiple sizes and the data encoding schemes enable reading of symbols partially damaged by dirt and/or minor scratches. 2D barcodes require a two-dimensional imaging device such as a handheld barcode imager or an assortment of smart phones now available to scan the Symbology. Sinicline is able to offer multiple types of 2D barcode symbologies including QR Codes, Data Matrix (UII/UID), PDF 417.

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