What kind of plastic seals do you want?

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Plastic seals is widely used in our life. They are usually matched with the hangtag. A well-quality plastic tag always improves the taste of the hangtag. Pay attention to these tiny details will help you judge the value of the goods you buy.

Let us talk something about the material of the plastic tag. Usually, there are two kinds of plastic tag. One is the whole tag is plastic. The other is the plastic card surrounded by the aluminum.

Some of the plastic seals is matched with silk thread, silk string, nylon string, cotton string or elastic string. Some is with the plastic or metal ball chain, and the other with a pin. Which one do you prefer?

The techniques about the plastic seals include deboss/emboss, foil stamping.

The plastic seals is in round shape. It can be other abnormal shape according to the request of customers.

Sinicline is mainly engaged in designing and manufacturing plastic seals. If you want to know more about our company, you can contact us by mail, phone and face talking. We are glad to serve you.

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