The Many Uses of Woven Labels

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Woven labels are also known as apparel labels, clothing labels, clothing tags, fabric labels and garment labels. A powerful brand identifier and communication tool, woven labels have many uses.

Whether you produce, hand-knit or sell clothing or crafts, creating your own personal label is the best way to inexpensively advertise. There are many varieties of labels to suit every need, and we can provide them all. Woven labels can be sewn on, ironed on, or even manufactured with a peel and stick backing. These labels can be attached to virtually any fabric, ranging from silk to leather and everything in between.

Woven labels are most commonly used as clothing tags, which are sewn into seams, the back of collars or into hems. These tags commonly contain two things: your company’s logo/branding information as well as necessary information about the garment itself. This necessary information most often contains the size of the garment (ex. S, XL, 12) as well as care information (ex. machine wash cold, dry clean only, etc.). Most clothing tags also display the type of fabric the garment is made from (ex. 95% cotton, 5% spandex), as well as where the garment was made (ex. Made in China).

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