How to Print Fabric Labels

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Homemade projects deserve the professional touch of fabric labels. Add an image or a message to any gift or handmade product by printing a fabric label and stitching it into the garment or item. Fabric sheets designed to work with a home computer and printer can be made to any size the crafter or artisan requires. Colorfast, sew-in, printed labels have a special coating applied to the surface of the fabric during its manufacture that keeps the ink locked into place. Color set the labels per the products instructions for best results.

The steps for printing fabric labels are as follows: 1. Design the label image (or text) using a software program; 2. Place a single fabric sheet into the printer. Set the printer on a plain paper setting; 3. Print the label on the fabric side of the printable fabric sheet. Set printed sheet aside and allow ink to dry for 10 minutes. Remove paper backing and throw it away; 4. Heat set the ink by using a dry iron and a high heat setting. Iron the front of the label sheet (ink side up) with the iron for one to two minutes. Excessive pressure is not necessary and could damage the label; 5. Color set the labels by rinsing the sheet gently in cold water and laying it flat to dry. Do not rub the labels but dab entirely with a paper towel to remove water; 6. Cut and stitch labels when sheet is dry.

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