Experienced Hangtag Manufacturer

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Since 2003, Sinicline has become the premier name in label production for hangtags and swing tickets. We reach out to a huge number of businesses, both for local consumption and for exporters. Our clients include manufacturers and suppliers of garments, bags, watches, optical products, cosmetics. As the market for hangtags and swing tickets become bigger and more competitive, we believe and have dept ourselves consistently updated, technically and aesthetically to further the reputation of our clients through our merchandise. This and our passion to succeed with you has us breathing life to your innovative ideas. In our decade long tenure in the business, we have committed ourselves to excelling in making hangtags, swing tickets, label, accessories and packaging products.

Our website is committed to bridging the gap of communication between our potential consumers and our technicians who will breathe life to your products. Our hangtag products and their corresponding pictures are on display.

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