DIY Scarf Hanger Organizer

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A couple of Fridays ago, I wrote about my need to organize my scarves and I finally found a solution! This scarf hanger organizer was so easy to make, doesn’t take up much room at all in my closet, and now it’s so easy to find my scarves. Before, all of my scarves were hanging off of purses on the back of my closet door.

All you need is a hanger and some shower curtain rings. I went for a multi-row hanger to get as many scarves as possible into one hanger space, and some beautiful vintage-inspired sparkly shower curtain rings, both from Sinicline. A single bar hanger and some inexpensive rings would also work well.

I used about 5 rings per hanger row to prevent crowding. I could just throw my scarves over the rows without rings, but that ends up a little sloppy and I really like the look of the entire scarf hanging in front of the hanger. This allows me to hang a scarf on the back side of each ring as well for double the capacity.

Because my scarf hanger is on the bottom bar in my closet, I fold my scarves in half and then thread them through the ring halfway through the folded scarf so that they do not hang too low. If the scarf is thick, unhook the ring rather than threading the scarf through so that you do not snag the material.

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