Barcode Labels & Ribbons

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Sinicline offers a full selection of barcode supplies including: barcode labels, pre-printed and blank asset tags, barcode ribbons, and print heads. Our media guide will help make finding the right barcode label, ribbon or asset tag easy.

Sinicline offers a wide selection of barcode labels to meet your application requirements. Our barcode label selection includes dozens of sizes in both direct thermal and thermal transfer barcode labels. Our barcode ribbons come in a variety of sizes as well, along with three different material types: wax, wax/resin, and resin.

We offer a full selection of asset tags, both pre-printed and blank asset tags. If you only require a limited number of asset tags, you may find our pre-printed asset tags the right solution for you, as they do not require the purchase of a barcode printer. Our asset tags come in three different materials: paper, polyester, and kimdura.

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