About Jewelry Card Displays

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Bold creations meet bold displays of jewelry cards at Sinicline, where you’ll find specialty displays to complement your designs and help increase sales. Sinicline offers a variety of jewelry cards displays from revolving to stationary, as well as striking organic fabric displays including silk, suede, velvet, faux leather and hemp. Acrylic jewelry cases are ideal for travel and salesmen who need to keep jewelry organized on the road and jewelry display racks accommodate a large number of pieces at your shop.

Custom printing and packaging can be done to meet even the most unique requirements. Custom designs are our specialty. We work with you to help develop your creative ideas. We can even accommodate small orders. We can supply vast collection of jewelry cards.

If you have a special need. Please feel free to email us with your requirements and we will be happy to get back to you. We welcome you to challenge us with your special needs on jewelry cards.

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