Our Woven Label Solutions

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Sinicline is passionate about the apparel industry and our mission is to help you elevate your brands and accelerate your performance throughout the global supply chain.

These days, even the smallest labels can have a big impact on your business. Style, code, size, washing instructions, branding … in the textile apparel industry, woven labels carry important information for both the consumer and the retailer; information that can make a real difference at the point of purchase. Little surprise therefore, that selection your woven label supplier is an important choice; a choice that can have significant influence on supply chain efficiency and brand recognition.

At Sinicline, we’ve been producing woven labels for the garment industry for nearly 10 years. Our long experience in a wide variety of woven technologies, unique ability to handle a broad range of fabric substrates, and vertically integrated substrate development and supply mean we can provide a woven label solution for any apparel requirement. Not only that: our rigorous testing and color control procedures ensure that Sinicline’s woven labels perform to specification. While our global network of wholly-owned woven facilities provide product consistency wherever your manufacturing units are located.

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