Here You Can Get the Right Printed Labels

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Sinicline can produce printed labels to virtually any design, color and shape. Because we manufacture all of our printed labels in house, you’ll find our prices and turnaround times hard to beat. We won’t charge extra for origination, and if you need help with your design, we can do that too. We can help you to choose the best materials and finish to meet your precise requirements in terms of the effect you want to achieve as well as ensuring that your printed labels are fit for purpose.

Materials will depend on the effect you want to achieve, the shape and material composition of the item your labels will be applied to, and how the printed labels will be used. As well as printing onto paper, satin, taffeta, damask and ribbon can also be printed with six colors. We offer a wide range of stock cutter sizes which will keep your cost of your printed labels down and speed-up production. Alternatively, we can create a custom die to a bespoke shape or size for a one-off small charge.

Sinicline pay attention to every detail from raw materials to after sale services. From Sinicline, clients will get desirable printed labels that fit into their garments and meet their needs. We are ready to take the challenge of designing and creating gorgeous products for you.

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