Jewelry Cards: Adding Extra Value on Your Jewelry

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The purpose of jewelry cards is to sell jewelry by delicate and elegant packages. Moreover, extra value can be added to jewelry making it further luxurious and authentic to the brand. Those jewelry cards can be manufactured in a variety of patterns and designs as well as colors and shapes. We will contrive appropriate one to fit into your garments according to your requirements.

We manufacture premium quality jewelry cards made of special art paper, glossy art card, plastic and kraft paper that are all sourced from our most reliable suppliers. With the help of advanced machines, jewelry cards could be made by silk-screen printing, die cut shape gold foil stamping, round corner and other sophisticated techniques in compliance with your demands.

Sinicline offers jewelry cards in a variety of styles utilized for earring cards that accommodate leverback earrings, hoops, chandeliers, posts, and clip-ons. We have a selection of fonts and graphics for jewelry cards, and offer sampler packs of preprinted or customized cards, so you can see what you'd get before you actually place an order.

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