The woven labels are excellent

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Sinicline offers a wide variety of woven labels fabrications ,including woven high definition, Woven damask ,peel and stick woven labels ,iron on woven labels, die cut woven labels, , woven zipper pulls, specialty woven , ,hemp labels, woven soy labels, Organic cotton woven labels, raw cotton woven labels.we will quote the price according to the material we make use of.

Our standard woven labels are created using high definition 50 Denier yarn, damask, satin, or taffeta. Standard woven labels offer no embellishments (if you do need embellishments, see our specialty woven labels for some examples of our work). we can assure you that the products from us can add an embellishment to your clothing.

Standard printed labels and woven labels usually have a lead time of two weeks or less. Typically seven working days from the approval of art. If you don't need specialty embellishments, then our standard labels are an inexpensive alternative.

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