The informative printed labels

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Perhaps you need to find a small space to contain a lot of information or you are using very small text that is thinner than a thread itself. Maybe you are on a tight budget. If so, printed label is a good alternative. On these needs printed labels all can achieve.

Printed labels can be used in almost any situation as a woven label: displaying a garment's logo or brand, or washing instructions, as well as size and content information, such as "XL" or "Made in the USA." And they also can signify the size .

Our printed labels use fade-resistant inks that will withstand washing cycles, dry cleaning, and normal wear and tear without distorting or cracking the label. Your design will be printed on a damask or taffeta material, not paper or cardboard. If you're looking for a smother, luxurious feel for garments such as silk scarves or lingerie, we offer printed labels on satin.

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