Adhesive sticker labels from sinicline

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We offer adhesive sticker labels Raw Material, which has high reflective & adhesive properties and can withstand worse weather conditions. Owing to all these qualities, our range finds usage in roads safety signals. These self adhesive labels are manufactured using premium material

The range of sticker labels we manufacture are vastly used in manufacturing industries like Pharmaceutics & the Food packaging to indicate carton contents. The details included on the labels are customers name, particulars of the product, quantity, number of boxes, product code, cost, packing date. These products can also be customized as per the clients' requirement and demand.

Our prices of sticker labels are very competitive, we provide high quality, prompt delivery and excellent service .we will provide professional advices and services, our customer service representatives will assist you with every inquiry, all details are verified and scrutinized, from initial concept to final packing and shipping.

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