Customized hang tags from sinicline

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Make sure you put your logo, mascot, or other important brand identifiers on your hang tags. No other image products can represent your brand and more and quickly reminds customers of it. Using color on your custom hang tags will grab more attention and connect with customers than black and white. Unless subdued or black and white is part of the brand's message, full color hang tags will have a more attractive finish.

Using both sides of the hang tags will give the consumer more information about the product and brand. Giving customers more information will help convince them they are making the right choice with your product.Our hang tags are completely custom. Choose from regular shapes or special die-cut in a matte or glossy finish with unlimited colors. Hole placement is available anywhere on the label drilled in different sizes. Hang tags can be supplied with or without string, ribbon, plastic loop, or a leather band. Special options include rivets, safety pins, folds, grommets, 2-sided printing, and numerous special string types.

We have an in house art department that has been designing custom hang tags for many years. We include setup and design with every hang tag order no matter the quantity, so you get the most out of your hang tags. but the minimum orders are deserved to operating tha machines to cover the products cost and we can assure you that the small orders prices are surely higher.

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