The woven lanyards

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Woven lanyards are made of a strong polyester material. These custom lanyards have your text and/or logos embroidered into the polyester material. They are what most people think of when they think of lanyards. Woven polyester lanyards can have single or multiple colored logos and text and, as with all our lanyards, can be used with any type of attachment.

Woven Polyester lanyards are a great choice when the lanyard is going to be worn on a daily basis. This type of lanyard has your design embroidered in to the material with the colors of your choice. With many sizes and colors to choose from, the woven polyester lanyard ensures that not only the lanyard, but your logo or design will continue to look great even when worn everyday.

The price of lanyards we quote you are highly competitive compared with other manufacturers. we can assure you that before our customer produce products they will take your company brand , your size ,your material into consideration to meet your special demands to the greatest extenth.

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