The delicate jewelry cards

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Jewelry cards are small, heavy cards designed to hold individual jewelry items. Jewelry artists who make and sell their own jewelry often need cards to display their jewelry for sale. You can make your own display cards using a few common craft supplies. If you select decorative cardstock to make the cards, make sure that the pattern on the cardstock does not compete with the jewelry designs

The jewelry cards from our sinicline all are made of high quality paper that surely add a sense of dignity to your jewelry products. our company have attended a lot of international fashion fairs to catch the fashion element in our products. so we can assure you that our professional designers will give you the best choice service o meet your special demands.

We are confident that the price you pay for your jewelry cards will be the lowest anywhere. However, if somehow, somewhere, you do find a better price, please let us know. You'll find that our prices are remarkable. Thousands of groups, large and small, come to us when they want excellent quality jewelry cards at unbelievably low prices. .

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