Woven labels supplier from China

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We are the manufacturers and suppliers of a wide range of finest woven labels which makes our product a stand out product in the market place. Our woven materials provide a unique look and are hence used widely in garments and apparels. We manufacture woven labels which are water resistant, excellent print clarity and brightness and are available in all sizes and shapes. Our labels are cost effective and are timely delivered to our clients.

Implementing the latest techniques and machines, we are able to manufacture a wide assortment of woven labels. From complicated designs to plain logos, our range completes the finishing the look of the merchandise ranging from apparel, footwear to luggage and other applications. The woven labels come in different materials such as nylon, satin and damask, wherein the texture differs as per the varied application.

we maintained long standing cooperation with many brand company in supplying them high quaity woven labels. we accept customized orders . before our workers produce your woven labelsour proffesional designers will consider the pattern which ismore fit for your company products.

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