Elaborate Metal Labels at Sinicline

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Metal labels are fast becoming the new hot accessory in fashion. They are not just for the end of chains or belts anymore. New trends for metal clothing labels are having them sewn into garments with an accompanying woven label below or next to the metal clothing label. Nowadays they have gained wide popularity among garment industries for their durability, resistance to weather or extreme temperatures. Some metal labels are even applied to high-class brand jeans to stand for elegance and dignity.

Sinicline’s metal labels are the preferred choice for indoor and outdoor applications that require exceptional durability. We manufacture pre-printed metal labels and data plate blanks that are ideal for equipment tags and variable information labels because they meet garments and cases specifications, as well as other industry standards for shoes, bags, utilities, manufacturing and more.

Metal labels manufactured by Sinicline are mainly made of kirsite, zinc alloy and metal. With years of providing labels in worldwide supply and distribution, we have the most diligent designer ands workers to manufacture products. Our metal labels are readable for the life of your part with little maintenance required and years of durability. They can be fabricated using a large selection of graphic, die cutting, adhesive and mechanical attachment options to meet your most demanding application.

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