Professional Barcode Labels Provided by Sinicline

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We are one of the trusted companies engaged in manufacturing, exporting and supplying a diverse range of barcode labels, industrial tags stickers and printed labels. Each of our products exhibits outstanding service in terms of quality and performance. Our understanding for present day demands and requirements of clients has enabled us to offer the most effective market customized brand packaging solutions. We offer labels, stickers and tags and provide tailor made solutions as per client’s requirements.

We have been operating in this industry for more than a decade and our rich experience and expertise in the field enable us to meet with all the requirements. The requirements for labeling & tagging are indispensable in almost all segment of business such as retailing, auto ancillaries & parts, garments, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and more. Since the time of our business commencement, we have attained a position in the industry as a leading manufacturer of barcode labels.

Sinicline pays attention to every detail aspect from raw materials to logistics even after sale services. Those materials such as PVC, paper are all procured from the most trusted vendors that our barcode labels are attractive appearance with high quality.

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