All types of functional lanyards

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Our company sinicline are instrumental in offering our clients with lanyards that add functionality and ease of use for cards or badges. These lanyards are used to display badges, tickets or ID cards where security is required. Mostly used in hospitals, colleges, offices, conferences, concerts, conventions and trade fairs, these lanyards are mostly imprinted with the name of the organization for easy company identification.

We offer different types of Lanyards with varieties in different color and sizes. Which is used for ID cardholder. Our role as both a manufacturer and supplier enables us to provide you lanyard in economical range, while our material selection and product testing ensures high quality.

We also manufacture military lanyards that are made from nylon and polyester that are available in the different colors. These are widely demanded by the clients for their quality and are available at very friendly prices. If you just choose the best and all types of lanyards , please come to sinicline , we can satisfy all your demand.

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