The metal labels supplier from china

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Metal labels are fast becoming the new hot accessory in fashion. They are not just for the end of chains or belts anymore. New trends for metal clothing labels are having them sewn into garments with an accompanying woven label below or next to the metal clothing label. BCI Corporation offers these metal clothing labels in etched, stamped or pressed molded fashion in numerous finishes. Scoll down to review various options.

Our Metal labels can be easily fixed to jeans-wear, shirts, shorts, cargo, bags etc. They are designed differently offering unique look to the product where it is used. There are different colors available and price ranges are genuine, matching the quality of the metal plates. The surfaces are properly polished, so that there is no possibility of sharp edges or color loss.

Our prices of metal labels are very competitive, we provide high quality, prompt delivery and excellent service.we will provide professional advices and services, our customer service representatives will assist you with every inquiry, all details are verified and scrutinized, from initial concept to final packing and shipping.

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