Container plastic seals

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Our organization is known for offering plastic seals that can be availed in varied sizes and lengths. These seals have a plastic string or strips that are endorsed with adjustable multiple locking positions. The strings or strips pass through the hole or channel at one end. This is also provided with a locking arrangement, which pulls the string in a tight manner. The string cannot be opened or reversed after this. Rear side or front side of the flap can be provided with a hot pressed 6 or 7 digit non-repeatable serial numbers.

This can be substantiated with depressed and hot pressed monograms and names of the user. Prevention of replacement of seal through contamination of the cargo and pilferage is accomplished. Our plastic seals can be availed in diverse lengths and colors. Recording of the seal number and the color on the dispatch documents helps in sealed cargo identification at the receiving end. There is a huge demand for these seals in areas and sectors like:

We accept customized orders on plastic seals. We will let our professional designers help you lay out the most appropriate pattern for you. we also accept customized size, material, color etc. we have extensive experience in international shipping and exporting , if you want to get help on these matters we can offer that our valuable customers can get the cheapest and fittest shipping service.

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