Attractive woven label for garment

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As the saying goes,a product is a public face of the company.we believe woven labels send our message confirming quality and elegance,when it comes to labeling,it is not just show products,it is more about company brand name.thus let the company's image and products in matter how to promote the company's cooperate culture humanistic and service first,the best is product itself,so if you are being explored for the company's develpment path,the best way is to choose a good clothes with better woven labels.

I received an inquiry from Australia many days ago, this customer needed our woven labels.but he talk it without any understanding,that i give some suggestions,In the same time,we have to meet customer requirements,the customer need gradient color,our products are operated by machines,it is impossible for machine to produce gradient color.Finally he change his idea with my help.

Woven labels is known for its elegant look, attractive embroidery work,eye-catching color combinations and neat&fine stitching.when we are going for clothes,a clothing design and style will attract us,and the most thing is to see the woven label,which shows all kind of information,such as material,size,price etc,there is something that we should pay attention to the small general knowledge.

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