Mountain buckels for outdoor sports

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Now more and more people like mountain-climbing this sport. For this sport, people all need to catch a backpack. You will discover there will be mountain buckels in those backpacks. These buckel can keep your small goods attached to the bag tightly and safty. For the big mountain buckel, it can be take as the tool to climb the mountain. People catch the buckel to climb the mountain step by step. For such buckel the quality shoud be quite good.

Sinicline can supply you the good quality mountain buckels. These buckels are all made by Alloy aluminum material. The colour is variable. Red, black, white,gold and so on. The size and design could be made accord to customer’S requitements.

For common size&shape mountain buckels, that we have exist mold. For special shape and size buckel, that’S need to open a new mold. We also can make your logo on the mountain buckels. Our mold master have much experience to open the mold, we can make it competely the same as your required buckel.

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