Advantage of plastic seals

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A variety of Plastic Seals are available to meet your sealing needs. Most Plastic Security Seals are for one-time use and are effective for indicating tampering or attempted tampering of shipments.

This type of Container Seal is generally more flexible than steel and wire Seals.The list of available Plastic Truck Seals and Container Plastic Seals include Anchor, Pull, Light Duty Pull Snug, Drum, Spring Hinge, Economy Plastic, Mini Lock, Strap, Adjustable, Poly-Check Bar Coded and many more.

Durable, flexible and inexpensive, Plastic Seals may be the answer to any requirements you have for shipping and security seals. Plastic Seals come in a variety of colors, thicknesses, strengths and lengths for just about any use. choose from Plastic Seals, Heavy Duty Pull Snug Seals, Strap Seals,Adjustable Length, Custom High Security and more.

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