The cloth belt hangers at competitive factory price

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We offer belt hangers, made using PVC and available in different sizes and colours. They are available in a bunch, and they can be used to hang both light and heavy fabric clothes. They are made using high quality materials and they are finished perfectly, which makes them long lasting and capable of handling regular use and they are quite water resistant. Our customers appreciate them a lot and we can modify them according to customer specification.

The belt hangers from our company not only can find application in the clothes, but also in the shoes, the scarf, the lingerie , the wallet, and other garments alike industry, there are assorted kinds of technique in our company to provide to our valuable customers, which also give us an advantage over other suppliers. The hangers from us are distributed throughout every corner of the world.

Quality of belt hangers is one of the highest parameters in our organization, and we pay attention to it at every step of the way. From the time we procure our raw material, which includes PVC laminated sheets, our quality analysts remain vigilant. If any batch of the procured raw material is found defective, it is discarded immediately.

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