High quality metal labels from Sinicline

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The products from Sinicline are relevantwith so amny industries that we offer a wide range of metal products – from custom metal labels to zippers. Sinicline has been in business for about ten tears. Experience is a great teacher and we have learned a lot in ten years.This means when you work with Sinicline you will benefit from our years of knowledge of making metal labels.

Sinicline’s philosophy is to provide exceptional value though high quality standards, a deep commitment to service includingFAST turnaround and a constant effort to be the low cost producerof standard and custom metal labels, metal zippers, metal tags and so on.

This means you are going to receive a high quality product that is designed to meet your needs and is delivered on time at a competitive price. The material of metal includes copper, silver, zinic alloy, stainless steel etc. If you need any other material for your metal labels, we can produce as well. Our metal label samples are available for your quality reference.

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