The paper hangtags available with 4 color process

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We are capable of meeting all your product identification needs. In addition to printing every kind of hangtags imaginable, we also produce comfortable, long lasting woven and printed tags in a variety of quality materials: Taffeta, Twill, Damask and Satin Cotton, Polyester and Nylon Woven Edge, Hot Knife Cut Edge, Laser Cut and Ultrasonic Edge Loop Fold, End Fold, Manhattan Fold, Book Fold and Mitre Fold Reflective Tape and PVC, Rubber and Leather Patches In up to 8 colors, including 4 color process.

In one word, our company are specialized in manufacturing all kinds of garments accessory which are widely used in the garment packaging. Especially the hangtags, we have more than ten years experience of production. Many world brand garments company have maintained longstanding cooperation with our company, which every year make a lot of big orders in our hangtags like the CK, the ITLIAN, the Lauren, we are the exclusive suppliers for the garments hangtags.

We not only have the extensive experience in the hangtags but also the price of our hangtags possess decided advantage among so many suppliers in the market. Owing to the fact all the workers in our company pay every tine detail of production the hangtags from us are distributed throughout every corner of the world and the products receive the high recognition.

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