The different ways of folding for printed and woven labels

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In our company Sinicline, labels are our major products which including woven labels, printed labels etc. The ways of folding are various, when selecting woven labels, the sewing application will depend mainly on the fold(or lack thereof). Below are descriptions of the different types of fold.

Regarding the folding, if you are careful one, you will find that there are about five ways of folding for woven and printed labels. One is called straight cut, which means that there is no fold for the labels. Straight cut labels are usually sewn on 4 sides. The second is called end fold which is folded down on the left and right side. They are applied the same way as straight cut labels, but have a softer edge.

The third is called is center fold that means folded in the middle and usually sewn into a seam. The fourth is named miter fold. The ends are folded under and up, creating a tab to be sewn into a seam. The fifth is named manhattan fold which is similar to a centerfold label creating a flap to tuck the bottom fold into. Above the five ways of folding, you can choose a suitable way for your woven labels or printed labels.

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